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Raven The

The time is near for the Presidential election, but it also happens to be during the COVID-19 pandemic. Aside from getting accustomed to life during such challenging times, Raven gets a first-hand lesson from her family about voter suppression. She feels empowered to take action, and collaborates with her cousins to create a campaign focusing on early voting. Although they are unable to vote, Raven the Great learns that she too can make a difference to impact change.

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Raven The

View the world through the eyes of Raven (affectionately known as Rae Rae), an 11-year-old African-American girl growing up in South Louisiana. Raven shares among her class about a holiday not mentioned in her history book. Her colorful personality, and fun explanation of Juneteenth holiday grabs the attention of her classmates and sparks their interest to learn more.

Raven The Great?

Raven the Great, an adorable character created by Dr. Paulette McClain In memory of her beloved niece, is an 11-year-old confident kid who is inspired by her socially conscious family. Raven the Great (affectionately known as Rae Rae) shares her journey growing up in south Louisiana, and in each book she uses her colorful personality to share a bit of African-American history in a fun filled way. Each story is written with the goal to inspire children to learn more about historical events and topics that they may not learn about in school.

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“Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible.”

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Dr. Paulette McClain

Dr. Paulette McClain, a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is a graduate of Southern University and A & M College and Rush University.  She is a Nurse Educator and Practitioner who has now dedicated time to educate in a different way by teaching children history through stories inspired by memories of her niece Raven.  As a wife and mother of two young adults, who stressed the importance of reading, Dr. McClain wishes to share great stories that might create meaningful moments for both children and their parents.